Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Project Outline

How can opportunities for collaborative learning between Masters students/staff be enhanced, by using Diigo and Twitter to share knowledge, information and learning resources?

This project will investigate using the social bookmarking tool Diigo to facilitate and encourage the co-creation of Creative Technologies content and knowledge in order to develop a collaborative and transdisciplinary research resource that will enhance collaborative learning opportunities for IoCT Masters course students.

In addition, the project will seek to experiment with the use of Twitter to encourage collaborative learning opportunities for IoCT Masters course students. A schedule of Twitter activities (synchronous and asynchronous) will be devised and implemented for existing students, alumni students and a pre-enrolled cohort of International students.

RSS feeds will be used to glean relevant and emerging information relevant to Creative Technologies. As a non-subject specialist action researcher, this will help to generate quality and emerging content to book mark in Diigo and redistribute through Twitter.

In addition to IoCT Masters course students, the project will also involve the course Programme Leader, Module Leader representatives and IoCT Researcher representatives. It is hoped that the Masters course and the organisation as a whole will benefit from increased external interest and strengthened networks.

The outcomes for the project will include; increased access to transdisciplinary information and knowledge, increased distribution of specialist knowledge, improved networks between collaborators/students, knowledge bank developed, IOCT research identity strengthened, increased opportunities for collaborative learning and support, increased online presence.

Keywords: Knowledge distribution, knowledge management, collaborative learning, learning, networked learning, transdisciplinarity, connectivism, social learning, learning technology, social media tools, micro-blogging, social bookmarking.

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