Saturday, 2 July 2011

Outline Plans


  1. don't sell yourself short on the analysis/write-up phase. two weeks seems quite short...

  2. I love your visual representations of the project!

    I think you’re right to include training in the "rich picture". While it’s probably safe to assume that most IOCT students are familiar with social networking tools, there may be some who are not and may be discouraged from taking part.

    As you show in the Stakeholder chart, the Programme Leader is probably going to be a key figure in the project. The Diigo and Twitter accounts will open up new channels of communication for the students. The PL will need to make sure that they or one of the other tutors keeps an eye on these – answering any questions that arise and giving guidance where necessary. It would also be useful to look with the PL at sustainability – how the accounts and the information generated will be maintained beyond the end of the project.