Monday, 29 August 2011

Personal Learning Points From Undertaking the Twitter/Diigo Experiment

The Twitter/Diigo Experiment has given me the opportunity to assess the value of implementing web-based tools in a formal and structured way. The trial has also necessitated a vast range of personal learning. Having never undertaken a research project before, elements of this project have been both challenging and rewarding.

Even though much time was spent carefully planning and preparing for the trial, it was difficult to anticipate how participants would respond and how the activities would progress. I needed to reflect on the activities as they were happening, and make changes where necessary. I now realise that this is linked to Schon’s model of “reflection in action”.

I would have liked to have worked through this process with the full involvement of the academic programme team and with more student participation. This would have increased the validity and reliability of the study. It would be interesting to re-run the trial in the context of a live module, during academic term time.

I now realise that my position within the team limits my ability to influence organisational change. However, I have demonstrated the potential of the tools and will continue to enthuse about the technologies.

Working though the processes involved in action research methodology has been a new and particularly useful area of learning that will be beneficial to my professional practice. I now have the insight and confidence to transpose this methodology onto other projects to examine current practice, test ideas and introduce new initiatives.

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